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MSR Elixir 1 Tent

£200 www.msrgear.com

For a one person tent the Elixir 1 is spacious, with a generous sleeping compartment which can fit a large sleeping mat. The interior height is 99cm so you can sit up with plenty of headroom. You don’t have to share your sleeping space with your bag or boots because it has a good-sized porch area, although there was definitely enough room in the main compartment if you needed to stow gear inside. The door can be pinned back at two different points to maximise your views, and this also helps with entering and leaving. Erecting the tent was quick and easy thanks to the colour coded poles and grommets which provide a sturdy frame for the inner and clip easily to the poles. It is an inner first design, which can be an issue in the rain, because it falls through the mesh and the inside of the tent gets wet. Attaching the flysheet to the smalI cross-pole is fiddly as you have to attach it on the inside. It also feels like it needed more pegs. The entry porch in the flysheet is coloured red so you know which way to attach it. At 2.16kg, including the footprint, it is quite heavy for a one-person tent. When packed it is 48x15cm but it can be compressed further so it doesn’t take up as much room in your rucksack. There are pockets inside in the top which are a perfect place for your torch, so you don’t have to have it dangling from a hook. The glow-in-the-dark zip pulls are a nice touch if you need to leave the tent in the night.

► Verdict: The camping version of a Tardis for the lone traveller.

► Best for: Any solo adventures were the luxury of space is important.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70