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Montane Naukan 60

£180 www.montane.co.uk

The key feature of the Naukan is its weight. At 900g it is superlight which means you aren’t weighed down before you start packing. To achieve this reduced weight some of the frills have been adapted to lightweight options. The hip belts are fairly thin with no pockets and not much padding which was noticeable. The straps are also very thin, which wasn’t an issue, but the small clips were a little fiddly. The two large pockets on the front are great for stuffing wet kit or extra layers into quickly, but they make the pack look bulky and misshapen, not a major issue because they are very useful. The side pockets are accessed from the side rather than the top and can fit a variety of items, including a GPS, folded map or snacks. The back can be easily adjusted by a subtle Velcro system which makes it comfortable to wear but it is long so you may find that your head bangs against the top of the frame.

▶ Verdict: A few sensible sacrifices for the light weight.

▶ Best for: Adventures where moving fast and light will be important.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70