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MLD Duomid XL – Best Buy





$365 (plus shipping from US)

The Mountain Laurel Designs Duomid is one of 2 ‘pyramid’ style shelters here, and the only one tested in ‘tarp’ configuration. The Duomid XL is 30% bigger than the regular Duomid and if you want an inner, it can be purchased as an extra. The design is simple – a pole in the centre (or use 2 walking poles with a section of joiner between them), with roughly 70% of the internal space behind the pole, which allows for 2 people behind, with plenty of space for another person, all your gear and/or a dog in front. With all the guylines in place these shelters shed wind, snow and rain exceptionally well – they might flap around a little, but they are very weather worthy indeed. Cooking and changing clothes is easy due to the headroom. A top vent, plus clever catenary curves between the pegging points mean this is an airy shelter. I like the extra size in the XL, although I still find that with a full on winter mat and sleeping bag, there wasn’t all that much spare at the head and foot. It’s inevitable with a pyramid shelter – you gain headroom at the expense of some at the edges, due to sloping sides. You’ll need to sort out the pole, pegs, inner and seam sealing yourself, but for the weight and price, the sturdiness and simplicity of these shelters is second to none. Weight 625g (fly only)


Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd