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Merrel MTL Astrum

£112 www.merrell.com

These shoes have excellent traction. The configuration of their 5mm lugs provided excellent grip on and off the trail, especially on wet, loose ground. They came up large, so I would recommend trying them on to get the correct fit. The toe box provides ample space with no pinching, even for wide feet. The speed lace system didn’t work particularly efficiently. Rather than pull the cord from the top, I found that you had to tighten them fully from the bottom of the laces upwards to get a snug fit, otherwise they didn’t feel tight enough and I experienced some heel lift (although they still felt a little loose around the heel). The neoprene collar helps to keep debris and snow out of the shoe, it wasn’t entirely fitting with a small gap but it worked well, keeping the shoe clear and the ankle warm. The extra material adds some weight at 550g but this is to be expected from a winter compatible shoe.

▶Verdict: If you get the fit correct, they’ll be your best friend for winter runs.

▶Best for: Any loose trails, particularly in colder months.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70