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Mammut Trea Spine 50

£229 www.mammut.com

The first thing I noticed about this pack was the weight. It is 2kg and feels heavy before you start filling it. Thankfully the main compartment is a great size for a 50 litre pack. It can be accessed from the top and a zip on the front, which made it easy to pack and the contents easily accessible. The lid pocket was a good size and also helped to keep key items organised. The zip pulls were all large enough to  use with gloves. It has a single hip belt pocket which is suitable for snacks or a small smart phone. The Spine back system was easy to adjust and very comfortable, and the frame helps to balance the load perfectly while you are walking. It was so comfortable I didn’t notice I was wearing it, but two things made it obvious – the constant creaking sound from the back system and the chunky hip belt pocket which, due to its position, rubbed against my arm if I didn’t use my walking poles – two small issues which became more annoying on the trail.

▶ Verdict: A sturdy pack with a couple of niggles for multi-day treks.

▶ Best for: Ideally climbing and mountaineering.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70