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Luci Pro Series Outdoor 2.0 inflatable solar light – Best Buy




£34.95 www.mpowerd.com  

This is ingenious – It’s an inflatable plastic lantern, about 13cm in diameter and 3.5cm deep when packed, expanding to around 11cm deep when inflated. Inside there’s a ring of 10 LED lights powered by a 2000mha lithium battery. On top, there’s a solar panel, a 4-way lighting control and a 2 way USB port.

Charging by the solar panel alone has taken a long time last winter (I had to leave it for 3 days in the window!) but by USB it gives around 50 hours of light (at the lowest setting) for one 2.5 hour charge. The lowest is more than bright enough to illuminate a small tent, and comfortable to read by. The opaque plastic tube gives a lovely, diffuse yellow light, too. The USB port can also supply a charge to your phone – it’s not fast but may help in an emergency. The weight is about 130g, and it’s very packable, even on solo camping trips. There’s even a little adjustable strap to hang a cord or mini carabiner from. The company also do some excellent work supplying lights to communities without access to a national grid around the world, too… and in some of those places, the solar panel will be a better option than the USB.

► Verdict: Simple, versatile and useful.

► Best for: Camping, being off grid anywhere.

Review by David Lintern @davidjlintern