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Lifesystems Micro


See the Micro in its included storage case and it’s hard not to fall in love. The tiny 33mmx36mm body of the torch (plus strap) fit into the palm-sized pouch with half the space to spare. Combine this with the 30g overall weight rating and it’s a brilliantly compact headtorch. The price you’ll pay is its output: a mere 24 lumens that’ll achieve a maximum of 6hrs from its pair of CR2032 batteries even on its low power mode. However, those batteries are very quick and easy to replace, the torch tilts through an amazing 150-degrees and the single, positive and easy-to-use button quickly cycles through white and red light modes including high, low and strobe settings. The elasticated headstrap is effective and easy to adjust, though not as comfy as more cushioned options. The Micro wouldn’t make a great do-it-all option, but as a featherweight emergency option it’s absolutely superb.


Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel