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Lifesystems Intensity 220


Everything the Micro is, the Intensity 220 isn’t: so it’s large, powerful and with a solid battery life. Its 3x rear-mounted batteries are capable of putting out a powerful 220 lumens, while also lasting up to 180hrs on its low output and strobe modes. A rear-facing red emergency light on the battery pack is a welcome touch too. The single rubber-coated button is easy to use, with a positive click action and the main housing rotates confidently through 45-degrees. Sadly, the weight of this mid-priced unit is a problem, as the 189g rating – despite being split between the front and rear of the unit with a reasonably comfortable strap to support it (although an additional central strap would be appreciated) – is over double some of its competitors. It consequently feels bulky and ungainly on the head. That flaw could be forgiven, however, if it weren’t for the sliding light diffuser on the lens – which is so loose that it rattles with every movement. It quickly becomes irritating in use and means that I’d look elsewhere for my outdoor ‘lightbulb moments’.


Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel