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Kathmandu Trailhead Shorts – Editor’s Choice




£39.99 www.kathmandu.co.uk

These shorts are very smart but really practical for the trail, primarily because of their comfort. The key design element is the elastic strip at the back of the waist band which makes them fit well and doesn’t leave a gap. The material is stretchy to ensure freedom of movement, but the legs are wide enough to ensure they don’t feel too restrictive anyway. They fit my wide hips really well. All four pockets comfortably fit your hands and the front pockets even fit a smart phone (which makes a change!). Beware the sizing though, I had to test a pair one size smaller than usual, so definitely try them on.

► Verdict: Smart and very practical.

► Best for: All your trekking adventures, and city breaks too.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70