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Julbo Monte Rosa/Cameleon Lens

£140 www.julbo.com

With adaptable, polarized, photochromic lenses that range from Category 2 to 4, these shades are perfect for the bright light conditions encountered at altitude and on snow. I wore them snowshoeing in the Alps on gorgeous powder days and really loved the warm colour of the lenses and wide field of view. I also found them very resistant to fogging. The sidepieces cut out glare and can be removed. I like the shape and the white colour, but I’m not a fan of the pink and purple trim. One other drawback that I found is that the Cameleon lens is slow to change, and has a tendency towards dark. However, if polarization is not essential for you, these shades also come with the (cheaper) Zebra photochromic lenses, which I have tested elsewhere and are awesomely sensitive and perfect for British light conditions.

VERDICT: High quality, polarizing sunglasses for extreme light conditions.

BEST FOR: Bluebird days, glacier travel, altitude.

Review by Lucy Wallace @snoweider