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Jetboil Flash Lite


Solo cook systems are all about fast and light really. And the Flash Lite is just that. It hits the scales at just over 300g – making it just over 500g with a 100g canister. Yet the cup-size is a decent 0.8L and tall and slim, so will just about cope with a boil-in-the-bag type meal. This extra capacity over other solo systems makes it easier to get a reasonable volume when melting snow too. It’s fast – under 3 minutes for 500ml in my less than scientific comparison test. And while the piezo ignition proved reliable and kicked it into life every time, I still carry a back-up so see this is a convenience rather than essential. I love the way the whole kit fits together: the small tripod – which adds stacks to the stability – fits together with the burner inside the cup, and a gas canister slides easily in on top. The heat diffuser cover doubles as a cup or measuring jug.


Review by Tom Hutton @mtbguiding