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Jack Wolfskin Smoozip -9

£175 www.jackwolfskin.com

This synthetic sleeping bag is like a warm hug in your tent. There are fleece panels around the areas which usually need the extra warmth – the feet, head and hips. The latter is a fabulous idea – it stopped me feeling the cold from the ground when sleeping on my side. The neck also has a thick, fleece collar to stop draughts from creeping in. The mummy shape helps to keep all the cosy fleece lining close to your body, but it still felt spacious and I could move around easily. It is 175cm long, so should suit a range of women. The biggest downside is the bulk. It doesn’t compress very small, and that’s not surprising given it weighs 1815g. However, it has a comfort rating of -3°C and a comfort limit of -9°C and kept me snug all night, providing an excellent night’s sleep.

► Verdict: Incredibly cosy but very big and heavy for backpacking.

► Best for: Car camping due to the size and weight.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70