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Hilkinson Natureline 8×34

£89.95 www.vikingopticalcentres.co.uk

In some ways, the Natureline are a slimline version of the Best Buy option here, and still fairly clear and sharp especially given the price tag. They are nitrogen filled and weather sealed (but not advertised as fully waterproof), come with adjustable eye cups and both course and fine focus adjustors. The field of view is interesting – half way between the more usual 25mm and 42mm – but it works well as a good compromise between the two specialisms of sports and wildlife. There are also basic rubber lens protectors supplied. These were about 430g on my scales, so the weight makes them a little more walker friendly too.

▶ Best for: Wildlife, sports and day walks.

▶ Verdict: A good budget option.

Review by David Lintern @davidjlintern