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GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Soloist Complete

£95 www.gsioutdoors.com

The Pinnacle Soloist aims high and comes over all innovative in its version of the complete stove system, but with mixed success. The stats are perfectly respectable, with the whole kit weighing in at 419g and boiling 250ml of water in a middling 3:00. Most impressive is its ingenious use of space, as the heat exchanger, windshield and support, 400ml cup with neoprene cosy, lid and free telescopic “foon” (fork-spoon) all slot into a tight drawstring pouch for excellent ease of transport. Used without its windshield it’s then broadly comparable to the Optimus Crux, although without quite as impressive an output. Unfortunately the windshield really lets it down, and its support balances so precariously on the under-teeth of the burner’s arms that even the slightest knock sends the entire apparatus tumbling – which is not what you want in strong winds… or if you’re hungry… or if water is scarce. It’s quite a hard flaw to get over, while the nearing-upper-end price doesn’t help compensate.

VERDICT: An innovative effort, let down by a poor windshield support.

BEST FOR: All-in-one appeal.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel