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Grivel Stealth Helmet

£75 www.grivel.com

The first thing you notice about the Stealth helmet is that it isn’t very stealthy. The bright yellow, geometric design is great for ensuring you stay visible, an important feature when you are out in the mountains. Its stealth lies in the fact that you will forget you are wearing it when out climbing. At only 192g it is incredibly light thanks to the polystyrene inner and polycarbonate outer. There is padding for the forehead and the crown of the head which can be removed and washed when they get sweaty. The ventilation holes help to maintain airflow and keep you cool. The adjustable straps are also very simple with a yellow strap at the back to tighten it to the circumference of your head, which is done by pulling two plastic loops – no sliders or twisting dials. This adjusts it from 54-62cm. There is also a chin strap with a plastic clip which worked well when wearing gloves. The position of the chin strap felt a little too far back and there was no way to adjust its position, but if you loosen the strap it feels less tight on your neck. Anyone with long hair will have to wear their ponytail low, but it is worth it for the comfort.

► Verdict: Extremely light and definitely bright.

► Best for: Any scrambling or climbing where you want comfort and protection.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70