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Grivel Air Tech Crampons – Editor’s Choice




£125 www.grivel.com

Best paired with B2 or B3 boots, these semi-rigid crampons carry 12 points, weigh around 950g when fully loaded (see below) and are well suited to all manner of winter adventures bar technical climbs. A good selling point is the rotating wheel fitted into the heel clip, which allows you to tighten or loosen the fit once it’s clipped into your boot’s welt. This has made getting them tight and secure not only easy but also reliable. The other fittings are industry standard, with two opposing hoops ensuring no slippage when in place. The anti-balling plates on the underside are good and have prevented too much build-up of snow between the points throughout my usage. They also come with some ridged black rubber covers for the linking bar between the front and rear sections of the crampon, which not only protects the metal but aids that anti-balling process (although also makes them a little harder to stow when not in use). There are lighter crampons, and more aggressive crampons, but for me these hit a sweet spot for general winter use.

VERDICT: Nicely designed, easy to fit and bearing all the right features.

BEST FOR: Mid-range mountaineers. 

Review by Dan Aspel @mountainmeeple