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Go Travel Monster Flat Neck Pillow

£8.99 www.go-travelproducts.com

Ever watched your bundle of joy in the rear view mirror, while they are sleeping… with their head slumped forward, as you go over a bump or lump in the road? How much stress is put on their neck? This was included as a bit of colourful fun in this roundup, but it’s actually been incredibly useful as a head and neck rest. In our house, it’s called ‘Mr Sunshine’ and doubles up as a mobile cuddly toy when we’re out and about, too. Machine washable, very soft and comfy, and helps cushion those sleepy moments in the car on the way to and from your outdoor adventures. Simple, colourful and effective.

VERDICT: Soft and cuddly head rest. 

BEST FOR: Car and plane journeys. 

Review by David Lintern @selfpwrd and daughter