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Fjallraven Keb Jacket £235

Fjallraven Keb

As you’d expect from the Swedish outdoors supremos, there’s amazing attention to detail, with stretchy softshell on the back, chest and arms, and tougher G-1000 panels where they matter – on the elbows, shoulders and lower sleeves. This canvas-like material can be waterproofed with Greenland Wax. Even without, the DWR is fantastic – water just rolls off. Sizing is roomy, which is great for layering underneath and freedom of movement but does mean getting a waterproof over the top is not practical. The pitzips are really only rib-zips, but there’s not much insulation here so it’s a non-issue. The trade-off for less warmth is great breathability, at least when unwaxed. The hood is a design marvel – at half-mast, there’s a high collar and secure chinguard, but fully deployed, it’s polar style and offers maximum, tunnel-like protection. It is helmet compatible, albeit at the expense of a little peripheral vision. However, the stiffened rim that forms the collar can be folded back to give a bit more visibility in Eskimo mode. Massive chest pockets, velcro sleeve adjusters and external storm flaps on the front pockets complete the picture. Because of the sizing and the distinctive hood, this is better suited to wood and moorland walks rather than technical excursions, but it is an excellent offering.


Gear review by David Lintern @Selfpwrd