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Darn Tough Legs-over-the-calf Compression Sock

£26 www.darntough.com

The first time trying a pair of socks from this brand, and I’m impressed. Seams are all tucked well out of the way and effectively invisible, even after lots of compression and a few days continual use. These are low profile, good for warmer days in the hills. The yarn is a very functional mix of 54% Merino wool, 42% nylon and 4% of lycra – temperature regulating and odour resistant due to the wool, but faster drying and with plenty of durability from the synthetics. I don’t always get on with compression socks for all day use, but the squeeze on the calf is fairly gentle here – enough to feel the benefits in reducing muscle fatigue and lactic acid buildup, without reducing blood flow – important in cooler weather, especially. They can be pulled up and over the calf easily when you want more compression, or worn at the ankle for less. The styling is tasteful but not dull, and they fit perfectly, without any stray fabric at the toe or heel, which can cause blisters.

► Verdict: A light compression sock in a durable and effective mix of materials.

► Best for: Perfect for big days in the mountains, running off trail or long cycle rides.

Review by David Lintern @davidjlintern