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Danner Women’s Mountain 600

£135.70 www.danner.com

The Mountain 600’s feel like a hybrid of classic hiker with a trail shoe – that’s partly a general lack of heft and the flexibility of the sole, partly the styling and partly the grip and protection. As someone who often gets blisters, even in boots that are ‘broken in’, I’ve been impressed. They were genuinely comfortable straight out of the box, and have remained so.

The brand have partnered with Vibram, and that comfort is probably due in no small part to the elastomer mid-sole, which beefs up the heel and gives a slight ‘rocker’ effect that’s very forgiving on stony trails, but not so exaggerated that contouring becomes awkward. The composite natural/synthetic mid is sandwiched between the foot and a ‘Fuga’ outsole, which provides exceptional grip on pretty much everything I’ve used them for – plenty of rough forest walks and the odd mountainous wander. The rubber is fairly ‘sticky’ and the lugs are deep, so durability may be a factor long term, but in the meantime, they inspire confidence on tree roots, wet grass and stone.

The waterproof liner is Danner’s own, and again seems so far to be faultless. I’ve used these extensively in typical Scottish winter day walks – so lots of wet snow and puddles, and I’ve yet to reproof them. They are sized on the largish side, so buy a half size down or wear another pair of socks.

► Verdict: A lightweight, stylish and comfortable all-rounder. Very grippy, and so far, dry too!

► Best For: Everything from woods to hills. Not bad for a little recreational MTB either.

Review by Tanya Morgan