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Danish Endurance Organic Compression Socks Ultralight


If you’ve ever read a fitness magazine you’re likely to have heard of compression as a concept. The idea is that wearing fitted and tightened socks helps aid blood flow in your legs, reducing the possibility of swelling or blood clot formation. This applies from activities as sedate as plane travel to those as extreme as adventure racing. Danish Endurance have built on the concept by tapering the compression so that it’s tightest at the ankles and loosens towards the calf. They’ve also made the OCSU (as the name implies) from an organically sourced cotton and built a premium sock that’s big on durability yet extremely slender and comfortable to wear, despite the minor battle involved in initially getting them on. The brand claims “you will experience more energy, less muscle stiffness and experience a faster recovery after performance”. Whether I have or not is too marginal to state conclusively, but their efficacy may vary from person to person. Regardless, they are a cracking sock. DA


Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel