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Craghoppers Venta Lite Jacket

£95 www.craghoppers.com

The Venta Lite is the only jacket tested that contains natural insulation. The rows of micro baffles are filled with a blend of 60% down, warm for it’s weight, and 40% synthetic ball insulation, to help the down loft when wet. It’s very compressible and very lightweight (265g) but when I tested it, hillwalking in cold damp weather, it didn’t feel as warm as the Xenon X. Perhaps because, despite the blending, down does not stand up well to moisture. However, my main beef with this jacket is the boxy cut, especially around the collar, which is wide and thin, gaping at the neck, so doesn’t keep heat in.

VERDICT: Interesting down blend technology, but shape of collar lets it down.

BEST FOR: Lightweight trekking in dry climates

Review by Lucy Wallace @snoweider