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Columbia Women’s Engineered Long Sleeved Crew

£55 www.columbiasportswear.co.uk

It was very tight, so I had to get a size larger than I would normally wear, and even that was very snug. There was a lack of any shaping for the female form, so the body wasn’t tapered for chest or hips. It is stretchy so you can pull it down, but as a result of the general shape and tightness it would ride up a lot while moving, sometimes exposing my belly, which was very frustrating. The only fix was to tuck it into trousers which isn’t a great look. The air flow panels in key areas of sweat build up mean you don’t feel too damp and sweaty when on the move. The lack of seams is also great, so you never feel any chafing. The synthetic fabric does pick up sweat smells so if you have been very active this is something you will notice. Luckily it washes well so you can start fresh on your next adventure.

▶ Verdict: A good basic layer but sizing and shape need to be addressed.

▶ Best for: People with very, very slim frames and no curves.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70