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Coleman FyreStorm PCS

£65 www.coleman.eu/uk

The FyreStorm was the slowest unit in this test, taking 4:33 to boil up 250ml of water. That aside, this recent release from Coleman has a lot going for it. The capacity is large, and it can hold up to 1.25litres of water at a time, while the twist-lock windshield doubles up as an extender when locked on top – thus allowing you to fit canister, heat exchanger and even your evening meal into the (admittedly, large) unit for storage in your pack. The exchanger’s legs are solid and robust, while the canister is linked by fuel tube, removing it from the base of the set-up and making this the most secure and sturdy of all the stoves on test. The neoprene cosy and handle are decent, and while the wind shielding is far from class-leading it proved useful in the hill conditions in which it was tested. The capacity, nifty piezo ignition and price help mitigate the 597g weight rating.

VERDICT: A respectable budget effort best suited to multi-user adventures.

BEST FOR: Group and multi-day trips.

Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel