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Coleman FyreStorm – Best Buy






This is a quality product. One of those that just looks right and feels right in the hand. And it’s no surprise at all that it works superbly too. Its secret is its innovative Wind Block wind break that meant even in the windy conditions I tested it in, boil time is very quick. I managed less than 3 minutes for 0.5L on a very blustery day when others were really struggling. It weighs in at less than 150g, which is a fair bit heavier than the MSR Pocket Rocket, but it’s way more stable, and that windy weather performance means you’d need a wind shield with the latter to make a meaningful comparison. With both you need to add in the weight of a pan to compare with the cooking systems tested. At £50, it’s not cheap, but if you want a lightweight, high performance stove that is suitable for most applications, this is as good as any and definitely recommended.


Review by Tom Hutton @mtbguiding