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Cep Light Merino Socks

£39.99 www.cepsports.co.uk

The idea behind compression socks is that the tight stretch supports muscles and aids recovery. I’m a fan of long socks, but can’t say I noticed additional benefits, although they are very tight (different calf sizes available). Merino adds durability, but the bulk of this sock is synthetic – 55 % polyamide, 17 % wool (merino), 15 % spandex, 13 % polypropylene, which makes them quick drying and provides the compression. There are reinforced and cushioned areas at the heel, sole and toe with a seamless construction to reduce rubbing. These are great for long runs and hikes in trainers, but too warm for hot weather. The price is steep, but possibly justifiable if seeking the benefits of compression.

VERDICT: A high quality, specialist compression sock.

BEST FOR: Endurance events and adventures.

Review by Lucy Wallace @snoweider