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Canada Goose Chunky Wool Beanie

£125 www.canadagoose.com

The thick and chunky cable knit design of this beanie keeps you warm and cosy. The turn up creates a wide band which adds extra warmth around your ears and over your forehead. Depending on the size of your head you can adjust the hat and band to fit perfectly. The wool helps to keep you warm and the cable knit design helps with airflow to ensure you don’t overheat too much. You do notice the damp wool smell once it gets wet though, so keep it out of the rain and snow. As there is no pom-pom it fits easily under a hood for extra warmth.

► Verdict: A warm, cosy and stylish beanie.

► Best for: Keeping your head warm on and off the piste.

Review by Jen Roberts @jenroberts70