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Bell 4forty MTB Helmet – Editor’s Choice




£89.99 www.bellhelmets.com/en_eu/ 

The 4forty is a mountain bike specific helmet with an adjustable visor. It comes in three different sizes and while my big bonce means I’m pretty much at the limit of the ‘medium’, the adjustment wheel at the rear is smooth and allows a nice level of fine tuning and a really secure fit. The chin strap is a simple clip and chaf free. There are plenty of vents and I can sit a thin beanie underneath without any problem. The visor looks the part but is also really useful when riding into the low winter sun too!

Of course, the reason to wear a lid is safety not looks, and this comes equipped with MIPS – multi directional impact protection system. Developed out of 2 decades of Swedish medical and road safety research, the aim is to reduce the rotational forces involved an impact. Increasingly, bike and ski brands are adopting this tech into their headwear, and having read some of the research findings I can understand why. MIPS won’t remove risk of concussion, brain damage or skull fracture entirely, but it does seem to reduce it. I’m glad to say I’ve not tested this aspect of the 4forty as yet, although it is piece of mind (pardon the pun).

On a more anecdotal level, I’m comparing this to other helmets I own or have used. Compared to a lid supposed to cover climbing and boating as well as biking, this is in a different league of both comfort and the subjective feeling of protection. Compared to generic but cycling specific helmets (of which there’s two others in the house) this is also more comfortable and chunkier. It’s also the heaviest of the lot, weighing in at around 330 grams, but I’ve gotten used to the slight increase… and I won’t be complaining about the extra protection when the inevitable happens and I come off. So far, so recommended.

► Verdict: Tough, very comfortable MTB helmet equipped with some new safety tech.

► Best for: MTB rides of all lengths.

Review by David Lintern @davidjlintern