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Alpkit Gamma – Best Buy





The Gamma fits Alpkit’s modus operandi perfectly by being a very aggressively priced bit of kit that still ticks every box going for real life use. For your £17 (itself a slight increase on recent years, amazingly) you get green, red and white light modes – including two power settings and strobe function – as well as a rear-facing red caution light mounted in the battery pack (great for trail running and cycling). All of this is activated simply via two rubber-coated buttons with a positive click function. The lamp tilts well through 90-degrees too. Downsides: the output is relatively modest at 88 lumens, and the burn times too don’t set any records with a claimed maximum of 80hrs from the 3x rear-mounted AAAs. There’s also the above-average 118g weight rating to consider, but that’s well distributed by the extremely comfy three-part head strap and the excellent balancing of the weight at the front and rear of the head. Overall there’s a reason why this is regarded as a classic headtorch: you get a superb bit of gear for the money.


Review by Dan Aspel @danaspel